Top 10 Recommendations for New Mums by PP Director of Natal Pilates

1. Take the advice you need and leave the rest. Numerous people will offer you all sorts of advice with the greatest intention of trying to help. Listen, because they care but take on only what resonates for you and what you think will work for you and your baby, and disregard the rest. Everyone is different and so it’s natural for all of us to parent differently. There’s no one method fits all!


2. Help/support. Accept help when its offered. Ask for help if you need it. Don’t try to be a martyr or worry about impressing everyone (including yourself) by doing everything yourself. You won’t win any prizes and you’ll likely end up more exhausted, more stressed and unhappier for all the extra effort.


3. Connect with nature and other people. Get outside for a walk.  Not only is the fresh air good for you, but it’s also great for your baby, too. Join an exercise class (a mums n bubs class if you need/want to take baby). Have a smoothie date with a friend. Go for a walk with your partner.  Don’t underestimate how good it will make you feel.


4. Good posture! Try to maintain good posture and movement as often as possible. Focusing on good posture and movement throughout your day can help minimise body aches and pains and will start the process of re-strengthening your body.


5. Exercise. This is essential for your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. A small amount of exercise every day is the goal, even if it’s just 5-10 mins. Do exercises that make you feel good and don’t cause pain. Exercises should be appropriate and tailored for you. If in doubt, see a qualified Postnatal exercise or Pilates specialist, even if it’s just once.  And always have you doctors approval to exercise.


6. Don’t compare. Be patient. We all experience pregnancy and birth differently, so it makes sense that we will all recover at different speeds and in different ways. The body needs time to heal and regain strength. Be patient.


7. Nourishment. Nourish yourself regularly every day with plenty of water and healthy food.


8. Breathe. Take time out for a few quiet breathing exercises each day. It doesn’t have to be long – even 1 minute will be helpful, especially just before bed. But do it.  You’ll be amazed at the positive difference it can make.


9. Communicate. You can often feel like you’re going through this journey alone, so it’s important to talk to the people close to you about how you feel (they can’t read minds!) so they can best support you and your baby.  Don’t assume that the people who love you always understand what you need and don’t underestimate their capacity to give you what you need once they know what that is!


10. Enjoy. Enjoy your baby. Even the hours upon hours of feeding and nappy changing. The closeness, the intimacy, the tenderness, the love, the adoration, the bliss, the exhaustion and the rollercoaster of emotions. This time will pass so quickly!  So just try to enjoy the ride.


At Studio PP, we love to help mums ensure a healthy pregnancy and with a successful recovery following pregnancy. Find out more about our pre/post natal offering here.

Candice Kino

Candice Kino is Head Pilates Instructor and Director of Pre and Post-natal Pilates at Studio PP. A true Pilates devotee, she has been practising clinical Pilates for over 18 years. Candice is a firm believer in nurturing and loving yourself so that you can can be the best version of yourself, for you and everyone else. She has significant experience working with clients with injuries and provides a personalised approach to everyone she works with.

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