Holiday Workout

This holiday workout is an easy on the go full body toning workout with no equipment necessary.

Hotel gyms are not always available (or inspiring) so take this workout outdoors in the sunshine on a summer holiday or on your hotel room floor in winter.

Warm up:

X 10 lateral pilates breaths
X 15 glute bridges
X 30 high knees
X 30 butt kicks
X 15 calf raises

6 Excercises:
Do 3-4 rounds of 50 secs on and 10 secs off with a 45 sec rest in between.

Cool down:
Cat cow stretch
Glute stretch
Hamstring stretch
Abductor stretch
Foam roll

1. Sumo squats and squat pulses:

2. Lateral skaters with a twist

3. Forward lunges with hands out

Alternating legs

4. Pilates scissor abs (hold neutral spine throughout)

5. Oblique crunches

Alternate tempo from fast to slow between sets.

6. Pilates hollow rock holds

Steph Prem

Director & Founder

Steph is the founder and director of Premium Performance training method and owner and head trainer at Studio PP. Steph is a former Winter Olympian and spent 10 years of her life as a professional athlete. Steph’s passion for Pilates stems from a 4 year rehab stint (consisting solidly of corrective exercise and Pilates) following her career ending back injury in 2010. Steph has trained and worked alongside some of Australia’s industry leaders, has 15 years dance experience and is clinically trained. She lives and breathes health, wellness and an active lifestyle and is an embodiment of her brand.

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