Look After Your Feet, They Look After You

With summer just around the corner and October marking Foot Health Month we thought we’d sit down with Michelle Moyle from Integrated Podiatry Clinic to chat all things feet and why we should be giving this part of our body extra TLC.


Firstly, tell us about your business and why you started Integrated Podiatry Clinic.

“I founded IPC so that I could help make a difference to the general public’s perception of podiatry and feet in general. When people talk about their feet, they often do so in a negative way. This always saddens me, because when you stop and think about what your feet do for you, you appreciate how important their role is in your daily life. Feet are our foundation and healthy feet are essential for overall good health and wellbeing.

I wanted to create an environment where people feel comfortable to show their feet and discuss any problems they are experiencing. IPC is a place you can come knowing that your entire health and wellbeing are at the heart of every decision. My approach is holistic, taking all aspects of your life and body into consideration, not just your feet”.


What motivated you to become a podiatrist?

“I grew up playing a lot of sport and eventually found my feet (no pun intended) as a runner and netballer. I competed at state level which required me to train and perform 6-7 days a week. I had always been interested in human movement, and a result of several foot injuries due to my sport, I developed a particular interest in foot function. This coupled with seeing my mum suffer from bad bunions lead me to my interest in becoming a podiatrist”.


Why would our 28 Day Challengers and the general public benefit from podiatry?

“Podiatry is a great addition to your current health and wellness regime. As mentioned previously, the feet are a part of the body often neglected, however they are fundamental to our life and our wellbeing. Unlike the tyres on our car, we only get one pair of feet for our lifetime.

Podiatrists can help if you are experiencing specific foot or ankle pain, however, you don’t need to be suffering with ‘bad’ feet to come in for an appointment. You can simply come in to give them a little TLC and to prevent future problems. Our signature medical pedicure is perfect for this purpose. What’s more, all PP Challengers received a $50 voucher to put towards an initial consultation at IPC.

With summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to start making your feet a priority. If you want to find out more, or make an appointment get in touch”.


Michelle from Integrated Podiatry Clinic practices at Studio PP on Monday evenings, and Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Contact details:
 0474 706 860




Laura Wiseman

Studio Manager


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