A Healthy, Easy & Nutritious Lunch For Work

The nourish bowl describes a one bowl mash-up of nutrient dense veggies, healthy fats and high quality carbohydrate and protein sources that is perfect for work lunches.  The best part – there are no rules! You can use whatever you have handy in the kitchen or design your perfect nourish bowl by picking from the following suggested ingredients.

  1. Start with some roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin, eggplant, beetroot or cauliflower provide a wonderful base for your nourish bowl.

Prior to roasting, chop your chosen vegetables into small cubes or florets, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and a tiny pinch of Himalayan rock salt and black pepper to taste.

  1. Add some protein

A serve of chickpeas, lentils or beans work beautifully here. If plant based protein sources aren’t your thing, add a boiled egg, some lean chicken breast, tuna or salmon for hunger-busting goodness. Try adding some extra taste and texture by roasted some chickpeas in paprika and chilli before adding to your enticing mix.

  1. Add some grains

Add a serve (about 1/2 a cup) of steamed quinoa, brown rice or buckwheat to bring a stellar mix of satiety and long lasting energy to your nourish bowl.

  1. Eat your greens

Don’t forget the all important greens! Our bodies love these superfood worthy veggies, so be overly generous here. Bulk up your bowl with dark green varieties such as broccoli, kale, spinach and beans. Once you have included your greens, amp up the overall colour of your bowl with a selection of steamed or raw colourful vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms corn and capsicum. The more colour the prettier your bowl!

  1. Add some good fats

To aid nutrient absorption, cell growth and satiety add a small serve of good fats. Sprinkle a handful of nuts or seeds over your nourish bowl, or mash a ¼ of an avocado for a side serve of creamy goodness. 

  1. Probiotics for good measure

Give your gut health a helping hand by adding a spoonful of kimchi or sauerkraut. Added tang and probiotics…tick!

  1. Finish off with a dressing of your choice

A dollop of hummus, beetroot or tzatziki dip is the perfect addition. If you prefer a liquid dressing, finish off your bowl with a drizzle of macadamia, extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil. Try combining your chosen oil with fresh herbs, lemon zest and juice or balsamic vinegar for a tasty, heart-friendly dressing.

Holly Patterson

Holly Patterson is a Melbourne based Nutritionist with a Masters of Nutrition and undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in the fields of Nutrition, Public Health and Psychology. Holly combines her psychology background with her nutritional qualifications and knowledge to offer a tailored nutritional consulting service for corporate and private clients. Holly is our Premium Performance nutrition expert.

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