Michael Klim

Michael Klim

A healthy mind and body are fundamentally linked. What are your non-negotiables when it comes to health? 

To be honest, I’m not sure there is one thing as I believe health is a balancing act and I feel that if you do one thing well and neglect others, your overall health and wellness will suffer, therefore I believe we should aim to do our best in all areas of wellness (i.e. physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental). Even though we may fall short in some areas, it’s important we are aware of all the dimensions of health.

You’re obviously drawn to the water, even after all these years is being submerged in the water tranquil or energising for you? These days would you pick the pool or the surf? 

In our everyday lives we are constantly bombarded with sensory stimuli, whether from our devices, busy homes, offices or hectic streets, our brains need downtime and I find that I rarely get enough. Being in or around the water gives my brain and my senses a rest from over-stimulation. Even though I am not be conscious of it, the water induces a mildly meditative state of calm focus and gentle awareness. I have a saying “you never regret a swim”.

What does personal performance look and feel like to you?

For me peak performance is having an elite mindset for life. It may sound aspirational and a little far fetched but to me I look at my day-to-day activities and ensure I give myself every opportunity to perform at my best in all arenas of life.

What are your top tips for skin fitness? 

Sun protection is probably most important especially in our harsh Aussie climate. Guys produce 30% more oil on our skin then woman do, so it’s even more important for men to wash and cleanse regularly (use either a scrub, wipes or a face wash). I realise guys want minimise time in the bathroom but if there was one product they should never walk out of there without using, it would have to be a good nourishing face moisturiser preferably with SPF (the KLIM Face Moisturiser SPF 15 is ideal).

Bali is becoming renowned as a health and wellbeing destination. What is it about the Balinese lifestyle that you love so much?

I mostly like the climate… but also there is something about Bali that makes you want to embark on your own eat, pray, love journey whatever it may look like. Recently Bali has had a influx of great trainers, which combined with great food and the exotic nature of the island makes it an ideal place to kick start a new health plan or continue on a current one.

What is a transferable skill from being an Olympian to businessman?

It would have to be PERSISTENCE! In sport and the unpredictable nature of what we do we encounter a lot of ups and down and the reparative process requires persistence especially in the though times, and now in business I’ve found it is just as important to “show up” (not always literally) every day no matter what the circumstances.

Steph Prem

Director & Founder

Steph is the founder and director of Premium Performance training method and owner and head trainer at Studio PP. Steph is a former Winter Olympian and spent 10 years of her life as a professional athlete. Steph’s passion for Pilates stems from a 4 year rehab stint (consisting solidly of corrective exercise and Pilates) following her career ending back injury in 2010. Steph has trained and worked alongside some of Australia’s industry leaders, has 15 years dance experience and is clinically trained. She lives and breathes health, wellness and an active lifestyle and is an embodiment of her brand.

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