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Former Olympic athlete Johanna Lyle started her professional career as a pro Snowboarder, qualifying for and competing in the 2010 Vancouver and 2006 Torino Winter Olympics in the PGS. In 2010, Johanna and her husband started a family and settled down in Brunswick, in Melbourne’s Inner North. They have bought and renovated 3 houses together in the area, with Joh sourcing and designing the interiors for all three, including their own home which they share with their son Nixon, 5 and daughter Maelle, 3. Joh launched her boutique bedlinen business, Siesta Home, in 2015 and is now working on her next range for this colourful and joyful homeware business. Joh shares her experience about her transition from extreme sports to charismatic homewares.
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What do you love most about snowboarding?
What’s not to love! Just being in the mountain ranges breathing in fresh crisp air, feeling free as you make each carving turn and travelling the world meeting amazing people that share the same passion as myself.

Biggest highlight from your sporting career?
When I qualified for my first Olympic Games in 2006 equal with being ranked 4th in the world in season 2009.

Congratulations on your new business! How did you find the transition from sport and motherhood to now business?
Thank you! It’s been quite a learning curve! Becoming and being a mother is certainly the most challenging thing I’ve ever done – even more so than competing in the Olympics! But my funny, energetic kids with all their curiosity and fearlessness has really helped to inspire me in what I’m trying to achieve in my business. Keeping all the balls in the air with family and starting out as a business owner has certainly had its moments! Trying something completely new was extremely daunting at first, but I’ve made sure to try and learn something every single day – even on the days where nothing seems to go right! I think being surrounded by a great support network – my partner, my friends and family has really helped me concentrate on the business. I’ve also worked hard to find and work with people who are good at what they do and that I trust. It’s true what they say about learning something new every day!

Where does your love of design and creative flair come from? Why bed linen?
I’ve always been drawn to colours and artistic expression – at school my best subjects were sport and art!
For the past 5 years, my partner Josh and I have been buying and renovating inner city properties in Melbourne and I just LOVED imprinting these houses with what I call my signature, “Siesta Style”. Creating a home is so much about making it feel not only stylish, but also comfy, and designing a bed linen range seemed like a great way to embody my natural aesthetic. I really got my teeth into making our renovated properties into stylish and comfortable homes that people want to live in – comfort and homeliness starts with the bedroom as a space, so creating a bed linen seemed like the right product as a starting point.

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Can we expect more homely goodness from siesta?
I’m looking forward to sharing my new range with people and really enjoying the ride. I’m already looking at design drafts for my next range. This may, or may not, extend beyond the bedroom – only time will tell!

Top 3 blogs or Instagram accounts that inspire you the most and can’t live without?
The Design files, Interiors Addict and Megan Morton.

You were a professional athlete and then personal trainer now business owner- What do you do to stay active and healthy?
Exercise and keeping healthy is a massive priory in my life. I will always make and find time to exercise with, preferably without the kids ? 5 times a week. I encourage a healthy balanced diet with the family and love to buy and cook fresh, seasonal food.

Favorite indulgence?
(can be anything) Coffee in the am and prosecco in the pm!



Steph Prem

Director & Founder

Steph is the founder and director of Premium Performance training method and owner and head trainer at Studio PP. Steph is a former Winter Olympian and spent 10 years of her life as a professional athlete. Steph’s passion for Pilates stems from a 4 year rehab stint (consisting solidly of corrective exercise and Pilates) following her career ending back injury in 2010. Steph has trained and worked alongside some of Australia’s industry leaders, has 15 years dance experience and is clinically trained. She lives and breathes health, wellness and an active lifestyle and is an embodiment of her brand.

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