About Steph and PP

KH_039_CH2_9948_031014Hello there! My name is Steph Prem, I am a self-confessed winter and health-aholic!

My story started 28 years ago when I was conceived on a drunken ski holiday in the Austrian Alps. Fast-forward a couple of decades (give or take!) and I went on to represent Australia at the Winter Olympics and marry an adorable Austrian- go figure right?

Growing up in Melbourne and living with a severe case of chronic enthusiasm, my zest and passion for life inspired me to dream big and pursue my love of professional winter sports. Much like the Jamaican bobsled team, practicing winter sports in a sunburnt country was a constant challenge.


Following my Winter Olympic debut in 2010, I broke my back in a horrific snowboarding accident (ouch!) which resulted in 5 broken ribs, 2 compressed discs, an L5 fracture, a dislocated hip, severe spinal whiplash, bone bruising – and to pay homage to our homegrown AFL legends  – impact bruising aka hematoma overload.

My get-back-on-the-snow-ASAP mentality only created further setbacks and halted my recovery. However, it was by hitting rock bottom , I realised that health and fitness is a holistic process that must start from within.

It is through this discovery that The PP fitness method and Premium Performance online was born. It is a portal to my ever-racing mind of adventure and passion and compliments and embodies all that is a ‘premium’ healthy lifestyle.

From mountain-life to city-life, and everything in-between, Premium Performance is my experiences, advice, findings, recommendations and loves for all things living healthily and happily.

I believe that health is your wealth, and that humor, friends, and a glass of Pinot can solve most (first world!) problems.

Yours in fitness and in health,

Steph x